Fine Arts and/or Performing and Visual Arts

HISD’s Magnet programs in the fine arts build on academics to give students opportunities for creative expression. Young artists work together to produce high-quality performances, publications, and exhibitions that reflect their understanding of the arts, develop their critical-thinking and problem-solving skills, and enhance their self-esteem. Excellence in the arts is considered an integrated, natural extension of the academic program. Participants receive specialized instruction in a variety of areas.

Grade average of 78 and a conduct grade average of "S" is required in order to be considered for audition at all Fine Arts middle schools.

This program is offered at the following schools:

Lawson Middle School (Performing and Visual Arts) Website

Fleming Middle School (Fine Arts)   Website

Gregory-Lincoln K-8 (Fine Arts)   Website

Key Middle School (Fine Arts) Website

Meyerland Middle School (Performing and Visual Arts)   Website

Marshall Middle School (Fine Arts)   Website

Ortiz Middle School (Performing and Visual Arts) Website

Pershing Middle School (Fine Arts)  Website 

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